Security Services

Depend on Glaze Communications!

Glaze Communications provides professional security system design, installation and support key to maintaining secure operations and risk avoidance. Leverage functionality in one of many systems or incorporate desired features across multiple applications for a complete, high-tech solution.

State of the Art Video Management Systems

Video Management cameras and systems have undergone major technological advances in recent years. It’s important understand the different options in order to best serve your security needs.
From single camera installations, to complete multi camera surveillance systems, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best product and service for your specific needs.

Access Control and ID Badge Systems

Glaze Communications installs Access Control and ID Badge Systems in businesses requiring managed and controlled access.

Voice and Sound Masking

Law firms, engineering firms, healthcare facilities, DoD buildings and other commercial businesses have contracted Glaze Communications to effectively install sound masking systems.

Video Management Systems

Glaze Communications is the leader in Video Management System installations and applications in Northwest Florida.

Intrusion Detection Systems

From small industrial facilities to the expanse of a military base, we design, install, test and support solutions for a secure perimeter.

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