HD Digital & Thermal Camera Surveillance

Surveillance systems in today’s world are used to deter theft, increase security, verification of access, monitor business operations, collect & archive evidence, improve customer experience and many more. Depending on your business these reasons may rank or vary in priority and drive the level of investment. Surveillance equipment quality is very important when considering a system and its application for your business or industry.

A digital camera catches an image in a given area but depending on the quality it will provide you a somewhat pixelated outline of a body or a high definition picture of a person’s face and other key identifying criteria. Thermal and infrared cameras also have specific applications in low-light or no-light areas. The ability to digitally record and access surveillance systems in real-time, both on-line and on mobile devices, is becoming an expected function across all applications.

Glaze Communications is the leader in Surveillance System installations and applications in Northwest Florida. Our highly qualified security engineers design surveillance systems specific to your needs while accounting for all required variables, functionality and environment situations.