Fiber Optic Cabling

The demand for almost instant results is becoming the norm especially when an organization wants to make business decisions.  Implementing a fiber optic network is one way to increase the data access/delivery speed.  Telecommunications companies, internet service providers and cable television distribution companies understand the advantages of fiber optics, especially over long distances.  Optical fiber cable has a much higher capacity, bandwidth and speed (100 Gbps or greater) without losing strength or being interfered.  Large businesses, hospitals, airports, DoD installations and banking systems are the types of organizations utilizing optical technology.  However, small businesses are also starting to see the benefits and incorporating fiber optics in their network design.

Glaze Communications is specialized in Single and Multi-mode fiber optic cabling systems.  Experienced, qualified technicians cable sensitive, multi-building, multi-floor environments ensuring fiber optic advantages are fully leveraged.  Beyond the cabling tasks, GCS also splices, terminates and tests all types of fiber optic cable.